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  • In Uncontrolled Airspace
  • Further than 30m from People
  • More than 3NM from Airports
  • 2 Months – Coastal Community

  • In Controlled and Uncontrolled Airspace
  • Closer than 30m to People
  • Overhead People
  • 4 Months – Coastal Community

  • Advanced Pilot Bundle
  • In-Person Flight Review
  • Aerial Inspections
  • Photo & Video
  • Two Hours of In-Person Training
  • 6 Months – Coastal Community
  • How To Become A Drone Pilot:

    1. Choose and complete your online certification course with Coastal Drone.

    2. Pass the exam through Transport Canada’s website.

    3. Start flying, safely, confidently and legally!

    We’ll help you:

    Ace the Transport Canada drone pilot exam with our online quizzes

    Fly in both Basic and Advanced environments

    Get expert online instruction so you can fly safely & confidently

    Say “Yes!” to more paid drone pilot projects

    Have more fun & confidence flying your drone

    Prepare for a career as a drone pilot

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    Our Online Certification Courses Are The Most Popular In The Industry, And Will Prepare You To Pass Your Drone Pilot Certification Exams. Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!


    For Flying :

    In Uncontrolled Airspace
    >3NM Away From Airports
    Further than 30m from People

    It’s the law that anyone flying a drone over 249 grams needs to get certified but the Transport Canada exam is tough for first time pilots. We’ll help you prepare so you can take the exam with confidence.

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    Advanced OPERATIONS

    For Flying :

    In Uncontrolled & Controlled Airspace

    Near Airports

    Near or Over People*

    Our advanced course bundle helps professional pilots who need to be able to fly anywhere get prepared to pass the Transport Canada Advanced Pilot Exam.

    SALE $449

    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back on all of our courses!

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    Get Everything You Need To Become A Professional And Advanced Certified Drone Pilot In This Bundle.

    Whats included:

    • Advanced Pilot Ground-school delivered online.
    • Flight Review Prep Course
    • In-Person Flight Review
    • Additional two hours of in-person flight training
    • Aerial Photography & Videography PRO Course
    • Industrial Inspections PRO Course

    Professional course series

    Taught by some of the industry’s best – Learn what it takes to become a professional drone pilot

    Aerial photography & videography

    Taught by industry leader Emmett Sparling.  Learn what it takes to take photos and videos like a pro from your drone.


    Emmett Sparling

    With over 700K followers on Instagram, and having worked with some of the World’s largest brands.  He is excited to teach you the fundamentals of shooting like a pro from your drone.


    From the Ground Up

    This course is broken down into chapters starting with camera fundamentals, and moving up through drone movements, subjects editing, lighting and more!


    Photo Presets and Video LUT

    As a bonus get a downloadable photo preset and video LUT package only available for students of this course.

    Click here to see if Aerial Photography & Videography is the right fit for you.

    industrial inspections

    Taught by drone inspections pioneer Courtland Penk of Osprey Integrity.  Learn the to use your drone to inspect a wide range of targets professionally and safely.


    Courtland Pennk

    Having worked from coast-to-coast across Canada, embracing roles as an NDE technician (with ultrasound being his primary method), CWB quality control inspector, and Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector (API 510). His unique combination of skills and experience has had a profound impact on the way he now delivers drone inspection, constantly striving to set the bar higher.


    From the Ground Up

    This course will take you through every detail of what it takes to conduct drone inspections safely, and successfully.  No prior inspection experience required!


    Take Your Drone Career to the Next Level

    Drones are being used to conduct inspections on almost everything from bridges to wind turbines to oil & gas fields.  Add this new skill to your resume and smoke your competition.

    Click here to see if Industrial Inspections is the right fit for you.

    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back on all our courses!

    100-satisfaction-guarantee.png - NY Prestige Auto Body Repair

    I completed my Advanced Category certification through Coastal Drone. The Coastal Drone teaching materials, including a combination of videos, readings, and practice questions, were extremely professional and of the highest quality. Each section of the course (Basic and Advanced) walks you through the details you need to pass the Transport Canada exam (which is tough) and your flight review. Throughout the course, Coastal Drone provides the information you need to be a better RPAS pilot and to ensure you are flying in a safe and professional manner, which is essential for advancing the use of RPAS in personal, commercial and industry applications. If you are looking to complete a Basic or Advanced certification, I highly recommend Coastal Drone.

    Mathieu Bourbonnais Ph.D – UBC Professor

    Enterprise Services

    Does your company have a growing drone program?  We can help!

    Drone Program startup package

    Does your company want to start using drones?  We have a proven program that will help get you into the air in no time!

    Bulk Pilot Certifications

    Need to get multiple pilots certified? You are not alone!

    Our bulk pilot certification packages start at 5 students, and scale from there in discounts.

    Expert Operational Consulting

    We have been helping some of the World’s largest companies for years with their drone programs.  No request is too big or small, think of us as your expert employee working remotley.

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