An Ode to the Misinformed: A Poetic Rant
September 19, 2019

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You call it all a cash grab

But what you haven’t seen

Is the thousands of hours of prep and processing

That Transport Canada has done for free


Literal THOUSANDS of SFOC applications

Without any fees

Not to mention requests and research

Since, I dunno, 2013?


The data is all there

It’s in Canada Gazette 2

They’re barely recovering costs

Go have a boo


It’s not “the libs” or a nanny government

That made up these rules

They consulted, revised and though it may not be perfect

What they’ve done is actually kinda cool!


It’s common sense to fly a drone!

Is this certificate really a must?

I mean, it’s $15 to get legal

Risking thousand dollar fines over that? You’re nuts.


But who’s going to enforce this?

Peace officers, inspectors, the RCMP.

But really, do I have to worry?

If you’ll fly or post anywhere you’ll be seen


1) Register your drone

Put the same number on them all, I don’t care

2) Write your TC test

Prep with our courses or just google – the information is out there


Keep airspace and the public safe

Learn something along the way

Avoid VRS, TBs and broken ESCs

And keep your drone flying another day



Whenever someone mentions “cash grab” I found myself getting frustrated. And if you’ve seen our Facebook ad comments, you’ll know I’ve seen it a lot. 1) We’re not the government and 2) Why don’t you see how easy of a ride we’ve had up until now!? HOW is $15 a cash grab!?
I wrote this to process those feelings of frustration and hope it starts a conversation and doesn’t make anyone too upset. None of it is meant to be directed to anyone in particular and it’s supposed to be in good fun. It just represents my feelings after being in this industry for 5 years and seeing how far we’ve come. Send me a note at [email protected] if you want to chat about this further. 


Director of Operations, Coastal Drone


  1. Matt Johnson

    Good one Kate. You have my full support on this post. Nailed it on the head.


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