Basic Pilot Certificate


Courses Include:

RPAS Groud School | Basic

Exam Prep | Prep

RPAS Ground School | Basic

Looking into getting into flying a drone for fun or business? The RPAS Basic Ground school is a great place to start. This two-hour course will give you a comprehensive overview of the skills and abilities needed to be a drone pilot and help you prepare for Transport Canada’s RPAS Basic Exam which you will need to pass in order to start flying.

Exam Prep | Basic

Looking to brush up on your knowledge before your RPAS Basic Category exam? The exam prep course will give you a good idea of the type of questions you can expect and some resources to help you prepare for and use during the exam. This program is not intended to replace a ground school, but it can be used as a refresher or as an opportunity to get some practice in before you take the Transport Canada exam.