It’s easy to get excited about the opportunities drones provide. When used correctly, drones can deliver data at a fraction of the cost of many traditional methods. Many organizations, however, are stuck with tied up resources trying to navigate the complex aviation regulatory environment and haven’t been able to tap into their drone’s true potential.

With Transport Canada fines reaching up to $25,000 per infraction and no limit to how many infractions can be attached to an incident, it is important for companies to manage their drone programs correctly.

At Coastal we have made it our mission to provide complete solutions which make it easy for organizations to realize the benefits of drones through our safety and compliance-based approach.

Our compliance management systems include but are not limited:

  • Ground School
  • Flight Training
  • Flight certification and SFOC development
  • ROC-A and practical radio use training
  • Recurrent training
  • Flight-safety assessment
  • Flight planning
  • Managed maintenance
  • Record tracking
  • Incident response assistance

We know you are experts in your industry. Trust us as your experts in drones.

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