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The training you need depends on what and where you’re flying. Do you fly a large aircraft? Do you ever fly in a controlled airspace? Or in close proximity to towns? This means that your flight carries more risk and there’s more knowledge required to do it safely and legally. Flying in limited areas means you don’t require the same checks and balances as the complex route.
Check out the course descriptions below to find the course that’s best for you.

ROC-A Radio License Knowledge

Restricted Operator Certification with Aeronautical qualification (ROC-A)
Online Knowledge Training
Exam Preparation

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Exam Prep | Advanced Category

250g – 25kg
SFOC holders & ground school alumni

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RPAS Ground School | Advanced

250g – 25kg+
Valid now and in the future

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RPAS Ground School | Basic

For flights in uncontrolled airspace
Meets the Basic Category knowledge requirements

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