Busting Mavic Mini Myths

Are the rumours true? Read on to find out!

Is it actually 249g?

YES! Even with a micro SD card the Mavic Mini weighs in at 249g.

Can I fly it in controlled airspace?

Yes! But you have to be extremely vigilant!
You’ll find on the DJI Fly app that controlled airspace isn’t depicted. You will see restrictions near airport arrival paths and on airport property.


Can I use the DJI Go app to fly the Mavic Mini?

No, DJI Fly is the app is the app to use with the Mavic Mini. DJI Go and all of its fancy features are not compatible with the Mavic Mini.

Is it good enough to use for work?

Ish? In certain situations, yes. But all the camera setting are automatic so you lose the control that professionals often want over the camera functions. It’s a good piece of kit, but maybe not your whole kit.

Can I fly a Mavic Mini in the rain?

DJI doesn’t recommend it. It also says to avoid snow and winds stronger than 8 m/s.

Is the Mavic Mini connection reliable?

At close range, absolutely. But for those that are familiar with flying Mavic Pros, you’ll be pretty disappointed with the WiFi connection at any distance. It’s been a common complaint from users.

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  1. Steen Mundus

    The Mavic Mini connection range is VERY poor! especially in Europa.
    I just got my Mini as a supplement to my Phantom 4Pro, my Spark and my Tello.
    Right now I prefer the Tello instead of the Mini – I wanted to use both as toys in my garden, but I get better range with the Tello and my IPhone.
    So sad that DJI claims a range of 2000 meters… that must be on the moon!

    • Mark Wilkinson

      There’s many videos of people taking them basically spot on 4 thousand meters, which is their range. You can’t do that out of your backyard though. Their range is calculated as that in an open area such as a field etc and with line of sight. You cannot fly from your house 4000 meters away totally blind

    • Garrett Miles

      My DJI Mini in USA goes over 9000 feet distance for me, sounds like EURO Models are limited for legal purposes

    • Ben

      Hey mate that might be because you are flying the drone In an urban environment. I have had a mini for a while now and I have found that in urban environments the mini has trouble getting a connection as a result of other wifi signals. Out in the country though it is very good.

  2. Nick Catling

    I have flown mine for over 1.5 miles and had no problems turned back because of battery otherwise would of gone thurther, I know a guy who has flown his 3 miles with no problems


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