FAQ: Do Pilots Need a Radio for Advanced Operations?
February 8, 2024

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FAQ: Do Pilots Need a Radio for Advanced Operations?

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Blog, General Info | 0 comments

Airplane and Helicopter Pilots all talk on the radio. They do this to communicate with other pilots and with Air Traffic Control. So it’s a natural extension to ask the question: 

Do Drone Pilots Need a Radio for Operations in Canada?

Drone Pilots do not require a radio for operations in Canada. If a pilot would like to listen to radio communications, they can listen via the internet on a site like liveatc.net, or they can purchase a scanner and listen. A Radio operator’s certificate is not required to listen via a scanner. 

If a pilot wishes to Broadcast on the Radio, they need an ROC-A 


Remember: All manned aircraft have the right of way, and drone pilots must give way to manned aircraft. Hearing where aircraft are on the radio can improve situational awareness 

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