So you’re interested in becoming a drone pilot? Or maybe you are just looking to hire drone services? Before you take the jump, we’re here to answer your questions.

What are drones good at?

  • High quality aerial shots (that have way more detail than google maps)
  • Video tours of facilities or sites
  • Showcasing equipment, locations, or views
  • Measuring aggregate stockpiles
  • Slow motion and HD video

What are drones not good at?

  • Flying over cities and busy roads
  • Flying beyond where the drone can be seen
  • Cost-conscious clients
  • Time lapse (max 20-minute flight time)
  • Flying off boats or over water without a dock or land close by
  • Flying under structures or right next to buildings

How much am I looking to pay to get into this industry?

Costal Drone estimate

You can likely do it cheaper than our estimate by shopping around for insurance rates and getting deals on second hand equipment. If you’re investing in specific sensors or aircraft though, you can get into figures with an extra 0 at the end.

Does it make sense to do it myself or hire a contractor?

It depends. How often are you going to be using the aircraft? Do you need a specialized machine or will anything with a camera do? How necessary is the data gathering?

What’s the best kind of drone to start out with?

A great way to get started and build flight skill quickly is to purchase a small indoor quad. They’re fairly inexpensive, ranging from $20-$100, and can be found online or even at Costco. They have some stabilization but no GPS, helping you ease in to learning how to control the movements and basic maintenance. Plus, flying inside means you don’t have to be concerned with airspace or regulations. When you’re ready for your next investment, a lot of pilots opt for a small quadcopter with a camera such as a DJI Phantom or Mavic Pro.

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