Canada’s Largest Network of Flight Reviewers

Our Network

At Coastal Drone, we are proud to have Canada’s largest network of flight reviewers.  A flight review is necessary in order to achieve your Advanced Pilot Certificate.  Our reviewers are friendly, professional, and experienced.

Make sure you take the full Flight Review Prep course before attempting your review as it will make sure you arrive fully prepared, and ready to pass.

Want to earn some extra income?

We are always looking for qualified and experienced drone pilots to join our network.  We typically work with either licensed commercial pilots, instructors, or Advanced RPAS pilots with extensive experience. 

Areas of specific need include Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta, Eastern Canada, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

If you have a flight reviewer rating, or want to get one and have a solid amount of RPAS experience, reach out with the form below to chat about joining our network!

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