For those pursuing an advanced certificate, in addition to the online Transport Canada written exam, candidates will need to complete an in-person assessment with a qualified Flight Reviewer.

The flight review assesses not just your thumb/stick stills but your ability to conduct an operation as a whole. This includes an assessment of your site survey procedures, checklists, manuals and normal and emergency procedures.

You will be marked as either passing or failing each of these items:

1. The site survey process
2. Reaction to a real or simulated emergency procedure
3. Incident/accident response
4. Preflight checks of the aircraft
5. Performance of a take-off
6. Demonstrating the ability to navigate around an obstacle
7. Demonstrating the ability to recognize distances
8. Performance of a landing

A failure of any one item results in the failure of the flight review and will require a redo a minimum of 24 hours later, as per the regulations.

coastal drone flight review

Solid preparation in advance gives you the best chance of passing the flight review on your first attempt.  With our online prep course and reviewers all across the country, you can feel confident in achieving this final stage toward your advanced certificate.