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Hercules Industrial Drones has partnered with Coastal Drone Co. to provide a World class online ground school course for Hercules customers all over the world.

Access this course from anywhere at anytime as we teach you what it takes to operate drones safely and successfully.

Fly With Confidence 


The Hercules Industrial Drones Advanced Ground School is your first step in flying your new drone safely and successfully.  In the course we will cover topics like:

– Introduction to the Hercules Industrial Drone Platform

– Airframes and Systems

– Human Factors

– Meteorology

– Navigation

– Flight Operations

– Theory of Flight

– Radiotelephony

Meet Your Instructor

Kate Klassen

Your instructor, Kate Klassen, is the co-founder of Costal Drone and an aviation instructor and drone instructor.

She loves to fly both airplanes and drones and happens to be one of Canada’s foremost drone regulation experts. 

“Thanks for taking the time to learn about what it takes to conduct safe and responsible drone operations.  Here at Hercules, we take pride in not just providing you with the best and most advanced heavy lift drones on the market, but also all the tools you need to be a successful drone pilot.  We hope you enjoy this course!”


Cameron Kuipers

Hercules Industrial Drones Inc.

What’s Included

Hercules Industrial Drones Online Ground School

Our twenty-hour RPAS Ground School is designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know to become a competent RPAS pilot.

This course covers meteorology, radio operations, the methodology surrounding RPAS and much more! If you’re new to drones, this is an essential first step towards becoming a competent advanced drone pilot.

To simulate an intimate teaching experience RPAS Ground School  uses high-end video and animations, giving you the benefit of being in a classroom setting without having to leave your home.

As an added bonus, the course is taught by Kate Klassen, one of Canada’s top drone regulation experts and an experienced drone pilot.

More to come…

More specific content here as we build out the custom section for this course!

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