Learn Drone Photography the Proper Way

Whether you are into landscape photography or you require video footage from a bird’s eye perspective for work, drones are becoming more commonplace across various industries. The services of a good drone pilot are now in demand.
Just because you own a camera that doesn’t make you a photographer; the same can be said of drones. Owning a drone with a camera doesn’t mean your image quality will automatically impress. There’s more to providing drone photography services than shooting from high above.

Is Something Missing?

Drone photos certainly generate a lot of appeal, but without a basic understanding of aerial photography basics, the image you produce may be lacking.
Never forget that your professional image and reputation are on the line whenever you present your work. Services by Coastal Drone will help boost your confidence in the field.

The Importance of Learning the Fundamentals of Drone Photography

Without training, improving as a drone photographer will take much longer. You should aspire to aerial photography that exceeds expectations.

Coastal Drone is your online source for shooting better content from the air. We offer training services and insider advice to enhance your photography so you can create breathtaking images with every pass.

Your skills can continually improve regardless of your experience as a drone pilot or a digital photographer. Coastal Drone offers the training services and insights you need to feel more comfortable with a controller in hand.

Aspiring Drone Photographers Can Learn Through Coastal Drone’s Services

Does Google Earth inspire you? If not, it should. Drone photography is all about working with challenging elevations.

Whether you’re flying for construction surveying or capturing high-end real estate videos, drones provide the sweeping speed, high vantage point, and motion control necessary to gain a better perspective of what’s below.

Coastal Drone’s online courses and chats will enhance your photography skills and the enjoyment of your next aerial shoot.

Ultimately, it’s all about the photos you capture, the information you collect, and the mood you create through your work.

Paint a Scene Using Your Drone Photography Expertise

Creatively speaking, drone shots express a sense of freedom and are ideal for capturing experiences on a breathtaking scale.

In the right hands, drone photos can communicate urgency and display “the full picture” to your audience.

What better way to sell real estate than with an impressive overhead view of the land!

Drone images are dramatic and cinematic looking. It’s no wonder the top brands and biggest Hollywood movies use drone technology all the time.

With a bit of training and the right equipment, you can also capture inspiring images from the ground. Drone images and videos boost the production value of content for any commercial purpose.

And you don’t need the best drone or the most expensive equipment to do it!

Class A Airspace and Class B Airspace Differences

Flight Is Fascinating

The moment you provide a photo or video with an elevated perspective, people take notice.

Presenting the world in a new way, and being the expediter of those visions, can lead to an exciting career. Bird’s eye view photos get noticed!

Even today, people remain fascinated by the concept of flight. From superheroes to hang gliders to gadgets utilizing the latest aerial tech, the ability to fly remains endlessly captivating.

Quality footage captured from an aircraft (regardless of size) is always a magnet for attention. Drones offer a visually engaging way to capture any subject.

Drone Photos for Various Industries

In recent years, it’s not unusual for some of the most creative, in-demand photographers to have the title “drone operator” on their resume.

Boasting about your drone photography and video services puts your skills in demand. Real estate, construction, marketing, and agriculture are just a few sectors where your ability to capture quality images from the sky is valued.

Any location can look stunning when you have the right light and the ability to compose your shot with a skilled eye.

Capturing Your Subject: The Basics of Aerial Photography

The first part of becoming a better photographer or quality drone videographer is understanding the basics of your equipment.

When piloting a drone, there are a lot of factors that go into creating a compelling shot. Your shoot will benefit tenfold with the proper training.

First and foremost, when looking to capture the surrounding landscape, you need to fly safely. Most drones under 250 pounds don’t require a licence. But if you’re serious about sharpening your skills, you’ll want a good foundation.

Class A Airspace and Class B Airspace Differences

The Same Principles Apply in the Sky

Aerial photography takes practice. And if you’re looking to market yourself as a professional, you’ll need a portfolio demonstrating your competence in flight and your command of composition and lighting.

You may already be familiar with the rule of thirds and leading lines. But with some inspiration and training from Coastal Drone, you’ll be able to apply those skills, taking multiple images from different altitudes more efficiently.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Photoshop can only fix so much. You need to understand what makes a quality aerial photo or video stand out.

Drone tech is getting cheaper yearly, which means more people will be entering the drone photography and video market. The way to set yourself apart is with impressive, consistent results. To achieve such high standards, you will require training.

Online photography can be a good revenue source. To gain a clear advantage over the competition, it’s worth investing in some insights from working professionals.

What Defines Professional Aerial Photography?

When it comes to drone photography services and video, there’s being good, and then there’s being a pro.

It takes more than expensive gear and battery life awareness to create aerial photography that will excite an audience.

Coastal Drone’s photography and videography courses offer excellent training for all skill levels.

Class A Airspace and Class B Airspace Differences

Can I Learn on My Own?

Free online videos are an okay starting point. But when you’re ready to take your talents to the next level, Coastal Drone is a fantastic resource for answering all your questions.

Whatever your subject may be, there is an effective way to shoot it. At Coastal Drone, you get to learn at your own pace with guided online instruction.

Hear from the Pros

The photography course produced by Coastal Drone covers everything you’ll need to grow your business, hone your craft, and improve your results.

  • Understanding how to adjust your drone’s camera (aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, video resolution, etc.)
  • Mastering the settings (controlling the drone’s sensitivity, creating the sharpest images)
  • Composition and lighting (allowing two-thirds of the frame to be open, understanding the dynamic range of your image)
  • Camera movement techniques for improving videos with exciting dolly shots, orbital movement, and more)
  • Post-production tips (backing up your memory card, working in Lightroom)
  • Creating new images by stitching together vertical panorama shots
  • Helpful do’s and don’ts and the equipment you’ll always want to have
  • Personal photography insights from your instructor

Photography for Serious Flyers

If you’re looking for a place to start your career or enhance your drone photography abilities, Coastal Drone offers a variety of specialty courses.

Whether you’re looking to get into real estate or doing it for the art, the thoughts that go into your photos are crucial for your success.

Sign up with Coastal Drone services to fly and shoot like a pro. Discover how to capture a final image that truly inspires awe.