DJI Mavic Mini: What can you do with a 249g drone?
December 10, 2019
What can you do with a DJI Mavic Mini? Lots, it turns out!

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DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini: What can you do with a 249g drone?

The Mavic Mini is a disruptor.

Never before in this industry have you had such a capable machine in such a tiny and unrestricted package. Let’s take a look at what doors the Mini opens up!

With this literal pocket-sized drone, you can grab some epic shots on your next outdoor adventure, gift the bride and groom with some aerial shots from their ceremony or help your neighbour figure out why their roof is leaking. You can sell the shots you take and build skill and experience while learning! The Mavic Mini is a great way to “get your toes wet” in the drone industry and also makes a great piece of kit for those flying larger drones already. 

In Canada and many other nations, 250 grams is an important number when it comes to drone regulations. The Mavic Mini, at 249g, means most of the Canadian drone regulations don’t apply! This doesn’t mean they’re totally rule free, however. 

There is one Canadian aviation regulation that we like to call the “don’t be an idiot” rule that says:

900.06 No person shall operate a remotely piloted aircraft system in such a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger aviation safety or the safety of any person.

So you want to fly at night? Go for it.

Over people? Sure!

By an airport? In controlled airspace? At national parks? …Okay let’s slow down a bit. 


While the Mini doesn’t have specific aviation regulations there may still be city bylaws that apply and since it’s still a drone (RPAS) you can’t fly in National and Provincial or Territorial Parks. If you’re going to do something that seems a little risky, understand that it’ll be on you to explain why what you’re doing isn’t considered “reckless or negligent”. If you start sweating while thinking about trying to justify your actions to a Transport Canada inspector or the RCMP, it’s maybe not a great idea. 

DJI provides some help with making good decisions. The Mini’s DJI Fly app has a map to show you approach paths and controlled airspace. Aim to give these a wide berth regardless of your planned altitude. 

Whether you’re brand new to drones or want to round out your fleet, the Mavic Mini is a great new addition.


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