Meet the Team: Alec

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At Coastal Drone Co, our team is what sets us apart from the rest. We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced people in the business with us. We are excited to introduce you to the people who work every day to help you become the best drone pilot you can be!

The next team member to be featured is our sales manager Alec!

Hey I’m Alec,

I’m a commercial helicopter pilot and sales manager with Coastal’s sister company SKY Helicopters. I got involved with Coastal in the summer of 2017. The market for training has always been interesting to me and led by Kate, Coastal Drone was moving in a direction that I saw to be disruptive. Being almost fully online, the scalability combined with the professionalism of the management and staff was a killer combination. As an aviation enthusiast I’m drawn to the potential of RPAS operations also as it relates to traditional manned aviation industry. I have a background working in startups and my passion for entrepreneurship is a great fit for Coastal and the management team. 

Most excited for what we don’t know. We are moving and changing and evolving so fast that next month we could be looking at a totally new vertical to pursue and we’re getting in on the ground floor in the industry. We’re on the training side an as the technology and aircraft evolve, the training will evolve with. I’m excited to be right at the forefront of that space. 

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Kate Klassen

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