Meet the Team: Kate

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At Coastal Drone Co, our team is what sets us apart from the rest. We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced people in the business with us. We are excited to introduce you to the people who work every day to help you become the best drone pilot you can be!

The first team member to be featured is our operations manager and voice behind our videos, Kate!

Hey! I’m Kate!

I’m the Director of Operations at Coastal and one of the owners as well. I’ve been with Coastal since the spring of 2017 when I came in to help our sister company, Agency Media, expand their aerial operations and get their team legal and safe to fly. After seeing the impressive work they did with video (and the fancy studios and camera gear) I thought “hmmm maybe they could film me teaching ground school, and we can offer it online!” I was a bit burnt out from travelling the country teaching in-person ground schools during the previous 2 years and thought this might be a good solution! This turned out to be not the worst idea I’ve ever had. 


My background is in aviation and education. I’ve been flying since 2007 and have been a flight instructor since 2011. I love flying and still go up in a little Cessna 172 that my friend owns whenever I can. Aviation has done some pretty great things for me. It’s how I ended up in BC from the east coast, it’s how I met my husband, how I got into the RPAS industry back in 2014 and allowed me to work closely with organizations like Transport Canada and Unmanned Systems Canada on some fun initiatives like the development of exam questions, the knowledge requirement guide and more recently, the AIM. It also gave me the name for my dog – Camber! 


It’s exciting to be in such a creative, evolving part of the aviation industry. As we see applications for drones grow, I can’t wait to work on the new problems that arise. Next up: BVLOS. 

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