April 3, 2020
Is the Mavic Mini actually 249g? Read on to find out!

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New TC AIM RPA Section 

Guidance for RPA Pilots

What is the AIM?

The AIM or Aeronautical Information Manual is a 500+ page online and print resource published by Transport Canada twice a year (March and October) to provide guidance and detailed information not available in the CARs. 

Excellent Reference Tool

While this document may not be something you want to sit down and read cover to cover, it’s an excellent reference tool when questions pop up regarding airspace, flying at night or SFOC requirements. Keep it bookmarked and definitely have open when you’re writing your certification exams!

Coastal’s Contribution

Coastal Drone is proud to have contributed to the content and editing of the new RPA AIM section! Collaboration with Transport Canada in this way helps ensure the industry gets the information it needs so we’re grateful for the ongoing opportunities to work closely with TC!

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This content and more is covered extensively in our five-star online drone pilot ground school. We offer both Basic and Advanced online training courses to help you get ready for the Transport Canada online exams at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


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