Online Corporate Drone Training with Coastal Drone

Welcome future pilots!
With each passing year, more companies are adopting drone technology to stay ahead of the curve.
Transport Canada regulations require that operators working with professional drones need to attain pilot certification. Failure to do so can result in substantial fines. The last thing you need is a drone accident where property is damaged and people are injured.
Drone technology is changing the way many industries conduct business. Certifying staff and having skilled drone pilots on your team are advantageous for various reasons. For starters, it will save you the time and expense of locating a contractor to assist with your video or survey work.
However, many companies that could benefit from having an in-house drone crew are holding off. There is a misconception that the required certification is too complicated, time-consuming or difficult to arrange.
Coastal Drones takes the mystery out of drone training for individuals and businesses. Our drone experts provide comprehensive corporate training to ensure your operations fully comply with Transport Canada’s rules and regulations.

Coastal Drone Simplifies the Process of Becoming a Drone Pilot

We have a corporate training program to help you acquire drone pilot certification for flying in Canada. We also provide a training course for our American friends south of the border to prepare for the required FAA Part 107 In-Person Exam.
Coastal Drone is based near Vancouver, BC; however, our focused online training will prepare you to fly professional DJI drones (or any other unmanned aerial vehicles) wherever you are. With your online training complete, you can request the mandatory in-person flight review in most major cities across Canada and the US.
Not sure where to turn? We can help.

Find the Confidence to Soar

If you have questions about booking flight reviews or passing a more advanced exam, Coastal Drone possesses the industry connections to advise.

Coastal Drone will ensure you are prepared to handle any scenario when your drone is in the air. From basic information to more advanced operations, our courses will develop your team’s skills for safety, certification, and better performance at the job site.

A Corporate Training Program That Works for Your Industry

Coastal Drone provides online training designed so you or your team can learn on your own schedule. You’ll have a responsive partner to answer questions and advise you on the latest government regulations for your particular industry.

And you can start immediately.

Class A Airspace and Class B Airspace Differences

Bulk Pilot Certifications

Basic or advanced? What type of certification do you require? Coastal Drone offers discounts when registering five or more people for our online courses. Insurance providers, construction teams, realtors, and telecommunications companies can take their skills from basic to pro, completing the coursework at their own pace.

Compliance Management

Whether you have a two-person team or you’re looking for an enterprise-grade solution, Coastal Drone accommodates all. A big part of responsibly operating a drone is keeping tabs on its use. Proper oversight of your drone is not just in your company’s interests but also mandatory for Transport Canada. Coastal Drone will enable your crews to plan missions, log flights, conduct site assessments, and manage any incidents.
Class A Airspace and Class B Airspace Differences

Expert Operational Consulting

Coastal Drone provides online programs and in-person training for aspiring drone pilots. With the purchase of any course, you have an approachable go-to resource for advanced instruction, general advice, and anything else you need related to drone operation.

We make our wealth of knowledge, industry contacts, reviewers, and network of pilots available to you. Newcomers appreciate our responsiveness in answering their questions just as much as our experienced pilots do.

Visit our YouTube channel and reach out to learn more about getting your drone pilot certificate with Coastal Drone.