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“Think big. Start small. Act fast.” – Andrew Westlund, Owner of Coastal Drone Co. and the Westlund Group of Companies

Most successful people in life got to where they are because of their passion for one thing.

Your favourite musician would still be playing music if they never landed that recording deal.

Those popular YouTube stars would likely still be playing video games even if they weren’t earning huge ad revenue.

Wouldn’t life be grand if you could earn money doing what you love?

If you’re a drone enthusiast, Coastal Drone is offering you the chance to turn your hobby into a prosperous career. It all begins with the Making Your First $10,000 online course.

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Get Paid to Fly

Real estate, construction, agriculture, and film production are just some of the industries where lucrative opportunities abound.

Growing numbers of companies rely on drones. But not every company can afford to have a full-time drone operator on the payroll. And that’s where you come in.

Making Your First $10,000 doesn’t just advise you on the certification you’ll need to operate a drone business (in both Canada and the US). This course delivers a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start a company, market your services, and keep things profitable.

What was once the coolest hobby on the block is now an in-demand tool for many industries.

Whether you’re looking for some extra cash or a full-time gig, there is money to be made with drones.

And the Secret Is?

If you’re expecting a get-rich-quick seminar, that’s not what this course is all about.

That being said, Making Your First $10,000 is a modest estimation of your earning potential over a year.

The appeal of this online course is its simplicity and straightforward approach.

Information is laid out clearly and broken up into easily digestible tutorials. What you receive is a comprehensive and detailed flight plan for success.

Obviously, you will still have to put in the work for clients to find you, but once they do, you’ll be kicking yourself for not offering your drone skills sooner.

What’s Involved?

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to follow this business plan, just a confident pilot with a passion for flying tech.

Are you ready to put your passion for flight, electronics, and digital photography/videography to good use?

You know a lot about flying drones and what’s involved in doing it safely and legally, but do you know how to start generating income with that knowledge?

This course will guide you in selecting your niche and every other step you must consider along the way.

You’d be surprised what a little motivation, a bit of online coaching, and a nudge in the right direction can accomplish.

Potential Income Is Waiting

Maybe you’ve tried starting a business before with little success. Investing some time in the Making Your First $10,000 course will outline the best way to make your flying profitable.

As a member of the Coastal Drone community, you already have the added advantage of belonging to a tight-knit group that will support your efforts with advice and contacts.

For less than the price of a drone carrying case, you’ll receive 71 lessons with 2 hours of video content.

Flying a drone and getting paid for it may be a dream today, but as soon as you opt-in for the Making Your First $10,000 online course, you’ll already have taken the first steps towards that desirable future.

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