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Everything you need for the Advanced Pilot Certificate.  Buy it all together and SAVE! This is our MOST POPULAR package.

  1. RPAS Ground School | Advanced
  2. Exam Prep | Advanced
  3. Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOPs)
  4. Flight Review and Prep Guide

This bundle of 100% online at-your-own-pace courses will prepare you to pass your Transport Canada Advanced written exam, and will teach you to be a safe, knowledgeable drone pilot.  The in-person Flight Review is the second and final step in receiving an Advanced Pilot Certification.  Coastal Drone has a national network of flight reviewers so you can schedule your review quickly and conveniently.

RPAS Ground School | Advanced

Our twenty-hour RPAS Ground School is designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know to become a competent RPAS pilot.  All of our ground school courses come highly recommended by Transport Canada and our students, and are compliant with TP15263 – Transport Canada’s drone pilot knowledge requirement document.  This course covers meteorology, radio operations, the laws surrounding RPAS and much more! If you’re new to drones, this is an essential first step towards becoming a competent advanced drone pilot.  Our courses make you feel like you are right in the classroom, using high-end video and animations to simulate an intimate teaching experience.

Exam Prep | Advanced

Ask anyone who has written – the Transport Canada exam is tough! This 300+ question exam prep course will take you through similarly styled questions with the right answer explained so you learn as you go. This course is also available on its own as a good refresher for previous ground school grads.  Our students find this to be an essential part of their training, especially when practicing for the difficult Advanced written exam.

Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOPs)

This easy to use tool provides guidance on normal and emergency procedures, and the site survey.  Use these procedures every time you fly, and your life will be much easier. Trust us!

Flight Review and Preparation Guide

The “Flight Review” is the last exam you must pass in order to obtain an Advanced Pilot Certificate.  It is an in-person test which covers flight techniques and practical skills like map reading and air law comprehension.  Coastal Drone Co has a network of flight reviewers and testing sites all across Canada so you can take your review quickly and conveniently.  This online program collects the fee for the in-person flight review, takes you through the process to actually book the test, and comes with a complimentary online course which will enable you to come to your exam prepared and ready to pass!


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