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This series of courses will prepare you to pass your Basic written exam from Transport Canada, the first step in receiving a Basic Pilot Certificate.

  1. RPAS Ground School | Basic
  2. Exam Prep | Basic
  3. Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOPs)

This bundle of 100% online at-your-own-pace courses will prepare you to pass your Transport Canada advanced written exam and be a safe, knowledgeable drone pilot. This is the first step to receiving your Basic Pilot Certification – an in-person flight review is also required

RPAS Ground School | Basic

Looking into getting into flying a drone for fun or business? The RPAS Ground School | Basic is a great place to start.  Our courses make you feel like you are in the classroom, using high-end video and animations to simulate an intimate teaching experience.  This two-hour course will give you a comprehensive overview of the skills and abilities needed to be a drone pilot, and help you prepare for Transport Canada’s RPAS Basic Exam which you will need to pass in order to start flying legally.

Exam Prep | Basic

Looking to brush up on your knowledge before your RPAS Basic Category exam? This exam prep course will give you a good idea of the type of questions you can expect and some resources to help you prepare for and use during the exam. This program is not intended to replace a ground school, but it can be used as a refresher or as an opportunity to get some practice in before you take the Transport Canada exam.  You can simulate the exam as many times as you need to feel comfortable before writing the real Transport Canada exam.  Our students find this to be an essential part of their training.

Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOPs)

This easy to use tool provides guidance on normal and emergency procedures, and the site survey.  Use these procedures every time you fly, and your life will be much easier. Trust us!




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