After many years of drafts and debate, Transport Canada is expected to release new drone regulations in 2018. These rules, referred to as Canada Gazette 2, will be comprehensive and more permanent than the patchwork of interm orders and stop-gap measures the industry has been subsisting on.

What does this mean for you?

There will be less confusion around what is legal and what isn’t. Although there will likely be higher barriers to entry, once you’re in, it will be much easier to fly than the current system. It will also be much easier to be fined, as the rules will be much clearer for peace officers to follow up on.

Transport Canada’s mandate is to preserve aviation safety. In line with that, we can expect to see regulations around the pilot, the product and the procedures. The pilot will likely need to pass an online Transport Canada exam. The product will likely have to meet design standards of increasing requirements for flights in riskier areas and the procedures will be less prescriptive and more performance-based than initially proposed. For example, “visual line of sight” won’t be defined distances, but rather at pilot’s discretion due to the variety of factors at play.

We’re excited for the new regulations. Yes, it’s one more set of changes to align with to fly legally, but we think Transport Canada has done a great job of listening to the industry and amending the rules to be common-sense.

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