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Everything you need for the Advanced Pilot Certificate. 

  • RPAS Ground School | Advanced (online)
  • Exam Prep | Advanced (online)
  • Standard Operating Procedures Guide (online)
  • Flight Review Prep Guide (online)
  • In-Person Flight Review (available across Canada!)


This bundle of 100% online at-your-own-pace courses will prepare you to pass your Transport Canada Advanced written exam, and will teach you to be a safe, knowledgeable drone pilot. 

The in-person Flight Review is the second and final step in receiving an Advanced Pilot Certification.  Coastal Drone has a national network of flight reviewers so you can schedule your review quickly and conveniently.


Everything you need for the Basic Pilot Certificate.  

  • RPAS Ground School | Basic (online)
  • Exam Prep | Basic (online)
  • Standard Operating Procedures Guide (online)


This bundle of 100% online at-your-own-pace courses will prepare you to pass your written Transport Canada exam, receive a BASIC Pilot Certification, and to become a safe, knowledgeable drone pilot.   

We HIGHLY recommend taking the ground school and exam prep course together.  Our students have found this course combination to be essential.

Praise for our Advanced Course!

I purchased the Advanced Pilot bundle to prepare for my Small Advanced RPAS exam and Flight Review. Everything is included: Advanced Ground School, Advanced Exam Prep and practice tests, and Flight Review. The videos were professional and quite well done, and the rest of the prep material was very helpful. I was able to finish the course within a few days, and received a 94% score on my first exam attempt. I’m now preparing for my Flight Review next week, with the helpful prep materials provided for that stage as well.  If all goes to plan, by this time next week I’ll have my Advanced RPAS permit in hand. Thank you Coastal Drone Co!

5/5 Stars

Kenneth Shock - Advanced Category Certified Pilot

Praise for our Basic Course!

I tried to pass the Small Advanced Exam on my own without studying anything and failed, due to assuming it would just be common sense stuff.  After failing that exam I realized it was no joke.  I decided I should try and learn the material, but had a hard time finding any resources out there.   I found Coastal Drone and decided to check out their Small Basic course and exam prep, and was able to pass my small basic exam on my first attempt after going once through their course…   I look forward to coming back soon for the next course.

5/5 Stars

Jason Tutt - Basic Category Certified Pilot

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