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Flight Review COVID-19 Procedures

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To enable Flight Reviews to continue to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Coastal Drone put in place some amendments to our offering to minimize the amount of in-person interaction and preserve provincial physical distancing requirements.

Essentially, we’ve broken the flight review down into three components:

  • Document Confirmation
  • Knowledge Confirmation
  • Skill Confirmation

Document confirmation is achieved via email. Prior to your review, email your reviewer all of the documents in the grey bar of your Candidate Checklist (downloadable from your Flight Review Prep Guide). Ensure, asalways, they include all of the CARs mandated items. Not including the CARs mandated items will result in a failure of the flight review.

Knowledge confirmation is a conversation with your Flight Reviewer through Zoom or other video conferencing software. We need to ensure that you, and only you, are the one answering our questions. This assessment of your knowledge confirms that you were likely the person who passed your online written exam and that you have the requisite knowledge to operate safely in the advanced category.

Skill confirmation is the only in-person component. You will meet with your review at the coordinated location for your flight. Remaining 6′ (2m) apart, you will conduct the flight skill specific components of your review including the procedural aspects such as the site survey.

You can read the official Coastal COVID Policy here.

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