Congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming a certified drone pilot.  Taking ground school and exam prep courses are an essential part of obtaining your Basic or Advanced pilot certification. 

The next step:  Do you need BASIC or ADVANCED courses?  

Find out below!

Kate at Coastal Drone made the entire drone pilot certification simple… Previously, I attempted the advanced exam twice without a course and did not pass. After the course and exam prep, I passed the advanced exam on my first try. Clearly it works!  If you are serious about flying a drone legally, you owe it to yourself to check out Coastal Drone.

5/5 Stars

Steve Tan - Advanced Category Certified Pilot


If you meet all three of the following requirements, you will be operating in the BASIC Category:

1) Fly in un-controlled airspace only

2) Fly further than 30M from bystanders

3) Never fly over bystanders

The Coastal Drone BASIC Pilot Certification Package includes three courses which will prepare you to pass your BASIC Transport Canada written exam.

Watch this video to learn more about the Basic Pilot Certificate


If you meet any one of the following conditions, you will be operating in the ADVANCED Category:

1) You fly in controlled airspace

2) You fly over bystanders

3) You fly within 30M of bystanders

The Coastal Drone ADVANCED Pilot Certification Package includes four courses which will prepare you to pass your ADVANCED written Transport Canada exam.  We have also included courses which will prepare you to schedule and pass your in-person flight review.

Watch this video to learn more about the Advanced Pilot Certificate

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