Where Can I Fly My Drone in Edmonton

Flying Your Drone in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you flying your drone in or around Edmonton, Alberta? As Transport Canada states “Drones are aircraft – which makes you a pilot. When you fly your drone, you’re sharing the skies with other drones and aircraft…”. Before you fly your drone in Edmonton you should understand the rules you must follow.

All drone pilots in Edmonton (And all major Canadian cities) must follow the rules in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) which can be found here on Transport Canada’s website. It’s also important to note that each Canadian city, such as Edmonton, may have specific rules regarding where pilots can fly their drones and how they use them. However, the federal legislation should be upheld at all times regardless of the province you are in.


Edmonton, the second largest city in Alberta, Canada is home to the longest stretch of connected urban parkland in North America (Edmonton’s River Valley) and makes for some amazing scenery to capture drone footage. Industrial sectors, real estate, and photographers\videographers utilize drones in Edmonton for both pleasure and for work.

The Edmonton International Airport has posted the basic guidelines + drone rules on their website and provided additional links through to Transport Canada’s primary legislation. Click here for EIA’s “Flying a Drone” page and that information.

Common questions asked about where you can fly your drone in and around Edmonton:

Can I fly my drone near the Edmonton International Airport?

  • The Edmonton Airport, despite having a huge control zone, is far enough south of the city that most of the built up areas aren’t actually within the controlled airspace. You would need to be operating a sub 250g drone in a safe manner or hold an advanced certification with a safety assured drone and airspace permission to fly in the airport’s control zone. Edmonton is a super progressive airport and they are very drone friendly. They even do bird control on the airport with a drone!

Can I fly my drone in Whitemud Park, Hudson Park, Jackie Parker Park or any of the other parks located throughout the Edmonton area?

  • Parts of Jackie Parker and Whitemud Park are prohibited for basic category pilots due to the proximity to heliports within the city. There are quite a few, so definitely scope out the Drone Site Selection Tool before you pick a park to fly in.

Can I fly my drone in or near River Valley?

  • In areas, yes! Be sure you have permission from the city if you’re using City property to launch from (this includes you Mavic Mini pilots!) and watch out for the distances from the U of A and Alec heliports.

Can I use my drone on top of a Edmonton park or school?

  • With schools, if you can meet the requirements of your certification, then yes! It’s best practice to make sure you have permission of the property owner before you use their land to launch and land. Be cautious of operating around kids who may not understand the risk of spinning propeller blades.
  • Parks are trickier. There’s currently bylaws on the table to prevent recreational drone flying in Edmonton parks. Commercial flying (either with a basic or advanced certifcation) is permitted with proper process and permission.

How can I find out exactly where I can fly my drone in and around Edmonton?

  • There aren’t any maps that say “fly here!” but you can use some of the resources below to help. Start with airspace. Avoid flying in busy, controlled airspace even if your drone is under 250g. While possible, it’s not smart, particularly with the amount of air traffic in and around Edmonton’s downtown core because of the hospitals. Also, be aware of the DND restricted airspace on the north side of the city! Definitely don’t fly there without permission!
  • Avoid areas with people who might complain. Try to go somewhere that’s not populated and give people a heads up whenever possible.

Can I fly my drone downtown Edmonton?

  • If you can operate within the restrictions of your certification, then yes! If you’re flying for work, you may need a film permit particularly if you’re operating off of City of Edmonton property.

How much is the fine if I fly my drone somewhere in Edmonton I’m not supposed to?

  • $3000 per infraction. So if you’re not certified, flying an unregistered drone in controlled airspace and get caught because you’re too near to people, you’re looking at up to $12000.

Can I use my drone for work in Edmonton?

  • Definitely. Either with a basic or advanced certification as long as you follow the restrictions of your certification and get the appropriate permits.

Who can I contact for more specific questions relating to flying a drone in Edmonton?

  • Us! [email protected]
  • We also have a couple of local pilots and flight reviewers in Edmonton!


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